Variable Easy (Sun Style) Tai Chi for Health

A new simplified system of variable length Tai Chi exercise for health

Variable Easy Tai Chi for  Health


When there is a will, there is a way.

If you have a desire to teach Tai Chi for the health of the people in your locality to benefit from the exercise and social contact, then we can provide the way for you to do it.

It takes many years to train a person in one of the classical styles of Tai Chi long routines which makes it difficult for a person wishing to become an instructor to start a class. This is particularly so if no suitable training facility is within easy traveling distance. Even if a suitable local instructor is available the existing instructor may not wish to train pupils to a standard that they can set up alternative local classes charging competitively lower practice fees.

We can provide a way forward. Firstly we run a not-for-profit  organisation with low fees and have no fear of financial competition from other new instructors. Secondly we want to see the spread of the rare Sun Style so that more people can benefit from the healthy exercise. Lastly we have devised a new fast-track course for people wishing to teach Sun Style Tai Chi, enabling them to start teaching very quickly.

It takes many years to train a new instructor to begin teaching the full classical Sun Style of Tai Chi with its 97 sequence of movements. However we believe that to make a quick start an instructor can start by learning a small module of just half a dozen movements well enough to then teach those few movements.  They can  then open a class of their own to do just that. Of course such a new instructor could not compare with one trained for many years and capable of teaching the full classical sequence.

The technical requirement for the award of a basic first stage license is if the candidate can competently perform the first three modules Water, Wood and Fire, and can show that they are confident enough to teach a group of students what they have learned. In addition, for those that need it we have complementary system of sitting movements.

Soon pupils would want to learn more than these three movements. Thus our therapy consists also of  second stage of Earth and Metal modules that we also teach with Chi Kung exercises, making five modules so that the new instructor would be able to add more techniques until they were teaching all five modules. All five of the modules together constitute a considerable content sufficient to provide long term interest to pupils. In addition, for those that need it we have complementary system of sitting movements.

There is at this time no nationally recognised qualification for teaching Tai Chi in the UK and any one can start teaching here. However anyone teaching anything these days would be foolish to do so without the cover of professional indemnity insurance. The only real value of a license is if it enables PI insurance to be obtained. Whilst our training to obtain one of our licenses is low cost as we are a non-profit organisation, PI insurance from an insurance provider is of necessity always reasonably expensive. One excellent insurance provider recognises the value of the VETCH license and will give  owners very good insurance cover.  “Qualifications” awarded by some other organisations may not be recognised by any existing insurance provider.

We do not require you to attend  every two or three years to update your license to teach a module, as no changes are planned to the modules. Updating when needed will be free and normally done on line. Your license remains valid as long as you stay in contact with us so we can send  you updated information from time to time. All Licensed instructors have to agree to abide by certain rules of conduct and rules to protect the copyright. Not keeping to these rules could result in a license being revoked

It is not essential, but it is hoped that those VETCH instructors, who desire to do so, would eventually go on to learn the full 97 sequence of classical Sun Style Tai Chi. It will be fairly easy to do that as most individual movements will already be well known.

All license holders automatically become members of the Sun Style Neijia Association . Senior instructors of our Association, who have the expertise, will always be willing to assist VETCH teachers to progress and learn the full classical Sun Family Style martial arts or Neijia. Mr Nyfelt was not involved with the design of the VETCH therapy. It was designed by myself (John) and a Senior physiotherapist working at a South Wales hospital. However Mr Nyfelt approves of its use for helping people with health problems, but urges all who can and are able to do so should try to progress to study the wonderful classical Sun Family Style of neijia arts.

The VETCH therapy is copyright. Any one can practise it on their own but only current license holders can legally teach what ever therapy parts they have a license to teach. Please let us know if you have information about illegal teaching.

VETCH Agreement


To obtain a license to teach the copyright VETCH therapy a new teacher of the therapy must agree to abide by the following terms needed to safeguard the copyright.


1. I agree not to copy any of the DVD's or CD lent to me by the copyright holder or make my own versions of such DVD's or CD's using the copyright method of small cycles of Tai Chi movements or lend the same to my students.


2. I agree to return such DVD's or CD's should I cease teaching the VETCH exercise therapy.


3. I agree I have no authority to issue my own licenses to others to teach the VETCH therapy.


4. All therapies need updating from time to time in accordance with new medical advice etc. I therefore agree to always inform the copyright holder of my address changes in order that I may be contacted if the copyright holder needs to update the programme.  Updating will normally be done on line if possible. Also I agree to conform with any such updating information sent to me.


5. I understand that the programme is provided in good faith in the spirit of Martial Virtue as taught by Sun Lutang, and any unsocial activities out of keeping with this spirit may result in the loss of license. Opening a new rival  class teaching the therapy to the general public, within one miles of an existing class of a license holder  also teaching the general public, that is not complying with our on mile proximity rule, will be regarded as an unsocial activity. Those teaching special groups only, are exempt this one mile rule.  To make this rule effective , teachers holding public classes should register the location of their venues with me


6. Another association has shown hostility towards our Association and has objected to our existence. Consequently teachers in that association cannot hold our VETCH licenses, and licensed teachers in our Association fraternising with clubs affiliated to this declared rival of our Association will be regarded by us as an unsocial activity.




VETCH therapy teacher training

Mr  Nyfelt