Variable Easy (Sun Style) Tai Chi for Health

A new simplified system of variable length Tai Chi exercise for health

Variable Easy Tai Chi for  Health


Sun Style Tai Chi (Taijiquan) is one of the five styles recognised  by the Government of China as the main classical styles, the others being the Chen, Yang, Wu and Hao.

The Sun Style was developed by Sun Lutang by building on the previous classical Tai Chi styles using his vast knowledge of other internal Chinese martial arts to produce the ultimate or last of the five classical Tai Chi styles. The Sun Style differs from the previous classical styles particularly in the more upright posture and easier flowing shorter stepping movements.

The name Tai Chi has become famous as an exercise system for health. Many do not realize that there are many different styles. As well as the classical styles there are today hundreds of styles claiming the name Tai Chi, many even developed outside China and a some of these not worthy of the name. Most styles owe their origins to some inspiration or connection to one or more of the classical Chinese Styles. The most widespread are variations of the Yang Style.

As well as the 97 (or 98) sequence of the classical Sun Family Style, there have also been other newer developments of the Sun style. Notably the more athletic competition 73 sequence, and various other shortened routines. For example Dr Paul Lam’s famous “Tai Chi For Arthritis” (TCA) is a short sequence of movements copied in turn from the competition 73 sequence.

Our new “Variable Easy Tai Chi for Health” (VETCH) is a simplified and shortened version of the classical Sun Style 97 sequence of Sun Lutang. As well as being well structured and simple to learn, the new system is unique in that it consists of a number of small interchangeable cycles making practice of variable length and not confined to a fixed numbered sequence of movements.

Teacher training is usually provided free or at very low cost, so the novel small cycle system of Sun Style movements has been copyrighted to prevent exploitation by others illegally using it to train new teachers for private gain. All teachers must have a license from the copyright holder, the head instructor of the Swimming Dragon School, in order to legally teach it, but individuals are free to practice it alone without a license. To find out more, or to ask about our special instructors training scheme, please  contact us at the Swimming Dragon School of Wales for more details. We offer training in Wales and provide distance learning and assessment to enable those who cannot visit us to gain a license to teach the therapy.

All new teachers of the simple therapy will automatically become members of the Sun’s Neijia Association at no cost. Many Licensed teachers will find the VETCH therapy adequate to help a particular special group. Some others will find their membership of our Association will mean they will be able to get free expert advice from the Swimming Dragon School if they want to increase their knowledge of the Sun Style internal arts and work towards becoming a full instructor of Classical Sun Style internal Martial arts. Also all License holders will be provided with advice about how and where to obtain insurance cover


Tai Chi is a physically easy exercise system for health maintenance that you can use all your life.

Our new simplified system is based on the famous Sun family style of Tai Chi but  the novel copyright method makes learning easier for students and faster training for new teachers.

      Sun Lutang

Memorial to Sun Lutang in Beijing

Sun Jianyun and Sun family members at the memorial

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